Our Process

Our process, step by step…

1. Together we will establish precisely what services you require from us.

2. You will provide us with all the necessary information required to identify the full picture. It is extremely important you tell us everything that is relevant, so we may properly provide our service and offer you the most appropriate and reliable advice for you.

We have developed a questionnaire that will guide you through this process, which we will ask you to complete upon arrival for your first consultation. Please refer to the checklist in your welcome letter so you have everything you will need with you.

3. We will learn from you what you want to achieve and establish clear goals. After all, if clear goals aren’t determined, how will you achieve a successful outcome?

4. We will analyse and evaluate your current financial status (including any problems).

5. We will develop and present to you our recommendations.

6. We will discuss our recommendations with you in detail.

7. Together we will agree on an appropriate course of action, including any changes you may wish to make.

8. We will then implement the agreed plan.

9. We will contact you according to an agreed schedule to review your progress.

10. We will review your financial plan on an ongoing basis or when a major change occurs. This is vital for success. Your financial plan is a living document that should always be relevant to your current needs.

Working with you on an ongoing basis will give you the best chance to achieve your desired outcomes.